Please Install the Amicus Merge toolbar

When generating a Word Document you receive the above error.


Close Amicus completely


Close Word and all Microsoft Office programs


Access the Task Manager and ensure that* outlook.exe, winword.exe or officeclicktorun.exe* tasks are ended\not running
Step.4 Access C:\Amicus\Amicus Attorney premium Workstation\Install\Macros and right click on the setup.exe and Run As Administrator


If the toolbar is there uninstall, and re-run the setup as admin
Step6. Access* C:\Amicus\Amicus Attorney premium Workstation\Install\OfficeAddin* and right click on the setup.exe to Run As Admin. If the toolbar is there uninstall and re-run the setup as admin


Verify you can merge documents and that the Amicus Tasks toolbar is there.


Please note if you get prompted for a Windows user name and password when you install then please contact your Tech\IT people and have them add you as a local administrator, run the install and then revoke the rights.

If you are in a Terminal server environment please see the appropriate documentation

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