A document is not visible in Amicus Anywhere

For documents to be seen in Amicus Anywhere they need to be seen by the Amicus Server. This means that the document needs to have a UNC path. The document cannot have a local or mapped drive path

A Unc Path: \\Server\Documents\Document.doc
A local path: c:\Documents\Document.doc
A mapped drive path: Y:\Documents\DOcument.doc


To view the path of the Document open the file in Amicus Attorney and click on Documents on the left, then double click the file on the right


Verify the location to see if it is a local path fig1. or a UNC path fig.2

In Amicus anywhere both files will be visible

If you try and open or view the local file you will get the following error


To fix this move the file to a valid shared network location and update the path.

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