Source or File Path Too Long

You try to copy, move, delete, or rename a file or a folder, and you get a message similar to this:

The reason for this is that the maximum file path in Windows environments is 260 characters. This includes everything from the drive letter (“X”) to the file extension (“.docx”). The only way to resolve this is to (1) shorten the names of your folders and files and/or (2) not nest files so deeply within folders. Unfortunately, there is no way to change this Windows-imposed maximum file path limit.

There are apparent workarounds that you can find by searching online, but they may or may not work, and they are only applicable per instance. In other words, as long as you keep your naming convention the same, you will continue to encounter this issue. If you choose to keep your naming convention the same, you may contact APC Support who can use ProServ hours to assist on a per-case basis.

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