Default APC Timeout Settings

To preserve system resources, all APC users are set up with default timeout settings. The reason for this is that users who are disconnected, but still logged in, are still using the system's resources even though they are not active.

  • After two (2) hours of inactivity, the session is disconnected. The user is still logged in with programs open, etc., but the RDP session itself closes.
  • After eight (8) hours of inactivity, the session will log out. All programs will be closed and any unsaved work will be lost.

These settings are customizable, so please email APC Support if you would like changes made. Keep in mind that changes of this type are considered a custom modification, and as such, will require Professional Services time.

We highly recommend against disabling the timeout settings all together, as users staying always logged in will continue to utilize resources, negatively impact performance, and possibly even lead to data corruption.

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